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Updated: Jun 24

Hey guys,

Browsing for memes through social media the other day and my curiosity is sparked. Since coming back on to summer vacation, I get a few pleasant DMs from my followers which is nice to come back to. (follow us @ smokeshopbro if you haven't already). I got to talking with the user @808JohnPark about the content that he hosts on his page.

We talked about how I was affiliated with a local smoke shop and online blog. To my surprise, he agreed to allow us to highlight his page on our webpage as a host blog!

The growth of cannabis has always intrigued me because of what seems to be a limitless ability for cannabis to hybrid. Not only that but how much referencing and documentation that is done with the plant. Some with names that reference 4 strains in one hybrid.

Not only is the growth of this mystifying plant with what seems like limitless possibilities, but plants that are able to thrive and grow in the environment of Hawaii.

SmokeshopHI proudly presents a brief spotlight on cannibis connesiur @808johnpark's photos. If you stick around and read, we have a special offer for you within our blog.

With that said, lets get a spark going!

#1: Plant Uniqueness / "Spicoli OG x Rubber"**

For those new to the grow, phenotype characteristics are what make each plant special. Growing, testing with hybrids, and the flexibility of these plants is a unique experience limited to very few species in the plant kingdom.

This particular strain was recognized as dense bud sites with leaves that are easy to trim.

The number of trichomes that are on the plant absolutely pop. I am particularly impressed with its quality because of the obstacles that come with growing outdoors.

The color vibes are natural green with orange hair and an abundance of trichomes to display.

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#2: Night Shots: Tangie/God's Gift and Purple OG**

We got some night shots that will fully reflect the colors of the flowers.

The flowers are described as a hybrid of Tangie and God's Gift. Back in Sin City, where the flower is recreationally legal, Tangie had a powerful orange taste and was one of the few available strains that had a high concentration of THC.

Bruh, God's Gift is pretty much investment status for me, nice chill vibey feeling with the uppers to just laugh and party.

Now, imagine those 2 buds made babies... that's Tangie x Gods Gift. It's safe to say that I may be interested in the vibe on this one.

The hybrid was described as having "rock-hard buds"

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#3: Purple OG / 24 Days veg**

"An amazing display of the Purple OG grown and thriving in the Hawaii Sun."

The hue and saturation of the purple in this strain are gorgeous for anyone that is particular on your plant's flowers. An absolutely beautiful plant to have.

Purple OG is a Sativa strain with benefits for nighttime relaxation and the quality is rich and requires only a little to feel a lot.

Smoking in Hawaii with the relaxing herb and a spot on the beach make this the ultimate Hawaii Experience. If you got all day to chill, Purple OG may be the one for you!

Ultimately, it always comes down to understanding what plant is meant for your personality type. I know some people that can party on couch-lock flower. I also know that some people get more paranoid when they cant control the overwhelming disarmed feeling. Maybe I will host a blog on that topic, let me know what u think in the comments.

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Smokers and Smokettes ***,

We hope you enjoyed this week's blog. If you've made it this far and are vibing our blogs, leave a comment for us and our featured connoisseur to read. We are open to any questions or comments that you may have. Please keep comments chill and vibey, but we will respect your opinion otherwise.

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Look forward next week's blog, where I am doing a spot on one of my favorite youtube videos on indoor growing. Hope to see you there laddat.


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