Product Review - Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies

Manufacturer: Hemp Bombs

Product: CBD Gummies

What it does:

CBD Gummies provides the relaxation and calming effect of marijuana WITHOUT the risk of having THC in the body. Check out our related post on CBD Products

Edibles have been known to provide a stronger effect of mary jane due to the nature of ingesting and converting through digestive absorption.

This particular product is FULL SPECTRUM CBD, meaning it provides a very low trace amount of THC, approximately 0.03%, thus making it relatively safe for those paranoid about urinalysis.

Disclaimer: Taking more than 1 or continually increasing dosage may put you at risk for THC detection. Exercise Caution


It is recommended to take at least 1 CBD gummy and waiting for a 15 minute period to be aware of its effects.

The review: *Good part at 4:50

4:20 pm - Popped one into my mouth, tastes great! Like any other gummy bear. You could definitely taste the "herb" in the gummy. I got what seems to be Orange, Lemon, Strawberry, and two Blueberry (Pictured)

4:30p - Nothing, it was to be expected in such a short amount of time. However, I felt the expectation of feeling was greater than the actual feeling

4:45p - The expected dosage time was anticipated and I began to assess my feeling. From my experience, the expectation of any euphoric feeling is greater than the actual. I meditated on what I was actually feeling and it was nothing.

*4:50p - I was starting to feel fuzzy! Prior to taking the CBD Gummies, I had gout pain in my hand. I immediately began to feel the sharp pain of gout leave my hand and I was able to flex and make a fist without the edge of pain.

It was a feeling of relaxation and restfulness.

6:00p - Just woke up from a crazy restful nap.

Brahddahs Opinion:

Awesome mood changer and relaxant. I came from a casual toking lifestyle which sort of allowed me to interpret and recognize the feeling of CBD. However, CBD may/may not encourage the same feels for someone that is heavily into dabs.

Rating: 4/5 Shakas;

Additional Pictures:

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