Hawai'i: MJ Destination?

Ohh, found this pic of Rhi Rhi vibing in the state of Hawaii. Howz'um?

Its Brahddah here with the weekly Hawaii Maryjane News Blog.

Today's article taken from KITV.com, suggests that Hawai'i legislation is considering the state to accept and recognize other states MaryJane cards upon visitation. Senator Will Espero recognizes the increased revenue that Hawaii is taking in according to legalized sales and suggests that this may reap positive economic benefits.

This brahddah, Will, is a man of the people. Take a look at his track record, obviously liberal. Military background, environmental movements, and a pet lover. He recognizes that we can make skrilz off these mainlanders just by letting them smoke up in paradise.

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Anyway, Brahddah already been talking about how the economy will be affected by legalized MaryJane for the longest time. Look at Rhirhi, all that sunshine and blue skies on the proper, is mayjah. Let's let the haoles enjoy, then maybe truly they can experience ALOHA.




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