New Product Release: Salt Nic - Vape Juice

Salt NKD Vape Juice

Salt Nicotine Vape

(35mg as shown)

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Check out our local shop in Ala Moana for Salt Nicotine vape juice. We just released a Hawaiian POG Vape juice flavor with Passion, Orange, and Guava. Tasty and a great nicotine alternative.

Salt Nicotine is a great alternative to regular nicotine vape. Using derived substances, it assists the user with quitting in mind. Salt Nicotine, much like CBD to THC, provides the same feeling as regular nicotine, without the same nicotine dosage.

Come on in and I will personally introduce you to the benefits of salt nicotine.


1232 Waimanu Street

Honolulu, Hawaii

Affiliate Link: is your wave to ride whenever you need to make an order thats safe and discreet. All your CBD needs, all on the web!

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