Product Review: Select CBDs Oil Tincture

Manufacturer: Select CBD

Product: CBD Tincture

What it does:

CBD Tincture is an oil based serum that could be taken orally. Use the included dropper to place a 1MG dose. Typically you would like to start with 1 complete drop before you take another in about 15 minutes.

Select CBD provides the purest form of CBD because of its 0mg THC rating. Making it relatively safe for the user.

Select CBD comes in various flavors like Lemon Ginger and Natural.

Disclaimer: Taking more than 1 or continually increasing dosage may put you at risk for THC detection. Exercise Caution


It is recommended to take at least 1 CBD drop and waiting for a 15 minute period to be aware of its effects and increasing dose.

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The Review:

Select CBD's take on CBD Tincture was a very nice and welcoming experience. Unlike THC, this lacks the psychadelic feeling but rather provides the relaxation, as most CBD medication is advertised.

Brahddahs Opinion:

CBD benefits me as sort of a "snack" sized serving of Mary Jane. Good enough to sit down and feel wierd with. I found myself stretching in my chair, massaging areas of pain, and relaxing.

However, on the negative, it may not be for those who are not susceptible to chemical changes and possess a high tolerance. I have a brahddah who tried it out who have a small feeling but required many sessions to feel. His background is that he chews with the addiction to that of a chain-smoker.

Awesome mood changer and relaxant. I came from a casual toking lifestyle which sort of allowed me to interpret and recognize the feeling of CBD. However, CBD may/may not encourage the same feels for someone that is heavily into dabs.

Rating: 3/5 Shakas; Great relaxant quick and easy! Try it out today.


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